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About Habio

What advantages do we get as a power supplier by using Habio?

You look after your existing customers and can concentrate on making your company flourish. You can immediately offer your customers a solution that meets their user needs and that can be adapted without large investments in time and money.

How does Habio take care of our brand?

Habio is a white label solution, which means that you as a power supplier get a ready-made service customized with your brand's logo and brand colors without large investments in time and money.

What does it mean that Habio is a SaaS service?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is cloud-based software that you subscribe to and access through a browser, which is delivered and managed externally by a technology provider.

Is Habio available as a service for end users?

Habio is a service for power suppliers who market the service under their own brand to their customers.

How does Habio reduce the number of inquiries to our customer service?

Habio is integrated with the power supplier's systems so that the end user can find answers to relevant questions about invoices, power prices, consumption, power support etc.

The service

What kind of insight does Habio add to the end user?

With insight into their own power consumption, it is easier for end users to do something about their consumption and reduce costs. Habio provides insight into power peaks throughout the month, which is the calculation basis for the new online rental model, as well as spot hourly prices for the coming day and back in time.

In addition, the end users will have full control over their own consumption from day to day, month to month and year to year.

The customer also receives detailed charging statistics, with consumption and costs.

Can the end user contact the power supplier via the service?

Yes, as an integral part of the service, the end user can either get in touch by using a feedback form or by using the power supplier's given e-mail, telephone or website url.

Is the display of grid rent integrated in Habio?

Yes, if you as a power supplier offer through-invoicing of grid rent, the grid rent can be shown to your end users.

Is the state power subsidy shown in Habio?

Yes, the electricity subsidy is shown both backwards in time and aggregated for the current month.

As a power supplier, can we choose which of the individual services we do not want to offer to our end users?

Yes, for example, the smart charging service is implemented in Habio, you as a power supplier can choose not to offer this service to your end users.

Smart charging

Which cars support smart charging in Habio?

Habio is among the platforms that support the most cars today and has support for 100+ car models. As more car models gain support for smart charging, Habio will also support these. You can see the updated list of cars we support here: Cars that support smart charging.


How do we connect Habio to our systems?

For example, Habio connects to Elwin via APIs. Elwin's CustomerWebAPI is an example of a relevant API for, among other things, customer information and consumption data.

Does Habio store data about end users?

Habio does not store personal data in its platform beyond aggregated user data in order to continuously improve the user experience. The customer data is the power supplier's property and is only collected when the end user requests it through use of the service.

Which third-party providers is Habio connected to?

Habio is connected to Elwin for obtaining customer information and consumption data, Nord Pool for obtaining spot hourly prices and the Norwegian company Enode for integration with solar panels, charging boxes and smart charging of electric cars.

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