Everything you need for your power service today and in the future.

How to win the power customers hearts
Give them a full overview of electricity prices, their own consumption and power saving tips that are simple and affordable. In this way, they can reduce and move their power usage to more favorable times of the day. Win-win for them, the environment and the economy.
A gift package for power suppliers
With Habio, it is neither expensive nor complicated to make the customers happy. The platform is fully developed and ready to use! The functionality can be adapted and the design tailored with its own colors and logo so that it is in line with the brand profile and identity.
What do you give your customers?
Everything an power customer could wish for, namely a full overview of their own consumption from a reliable supplier - you! Habio links real power consumption to savings tools, and shows the customer how much they have saved in kroner, CO2 and kWh.
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Power prices
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Consumption (kroner, CO2 og kWh)
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Historical data
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Smart charging
En gif som viser Habio strømtjeneste i forskjellige merkevareidentiteter med farger
One user-friendly app for the whole household. Say watts?
There are many apps to reduce and optimize power consumption, which is the whole problem. There is too much information in too many places for us as consumers to be able to systematize the data and change our habits. That is why we have created Habio, which collects all data in one place and makes it clear and understandable.
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Spot price
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Smart power consumption
The service of habio in different company color paletts

Functionalities in the service

A bar graph in a box
Give your customers good insight into their energy consumption
A line graph inside a box
Spot price
Display of today's and tomorrow's spot price, as well as the last 30 days
A electric outlet that looks like a flower
Detailed insight into power peaks, power compansation and good power saving tips
A stack of coins
Simple overview of all invoices
A car with a lightning on it
Electric car
Smart charging and charging insight with an overview of charging consumption and savings
A electric car charger
Charging box
Start and stop charging and overview of charging consumption
A letter
Communicate easily with your customers through the inbox
A house and a sun in the distant
Solar cells
Control and insight into solar cell production
Coming soon
A heart rate graph
Allows your customers to see their power consumption in real time
Coming soon
A water heater machine
Water heater
Save power with a smart water heater from Høiax
Coming soon
A thermostat
Heat management
With smart heating management, heating costs are reduced
Coming soon
A sign with the letter i inside. A information sign.
Automated notifications help your customers monitor their power consumption
Coming soon

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